Vote Nevada Redistricting Update 11/15/2021

Vote Nevada Supporters,

The Assembly Select Committee on Redistricting and Elections met this morning to review amendments to Senate Bill 1, which changes the congressional and legislative redistricting maps.  The committee reviewed the amended maps and then asked Legislative Counsel Bureau staff questions. 

Some questions focused on comparing demographics in districts between 2011 and 2021.  The Voting Rights Act section 2 was referenced, so I wanted to ensure we all have the same reference material for that law.  Here is the Department of Justice Memo on Redistricting:

On Saturday, during public comment, there was only one person who called in to support SB1, almost all other comments were in opposition.  Today, there were no comments to support the amended version of SB1, almost all comments were again in opposition. You can watch the hearing recording here:

At the end of the committee hearing, Chair Miller moved immediately into a work session to vote the bill out of the committee.  All Democrats voted yes to send the bill to the Assembly floor with a recommendation to pass SB1 as amended.  All the Republicans voted no.

The Assembly came into session long enough to accept SB1 from their Committee on Redistricting and to place it on the General File for its second reading.  The was no further action taken except to adjourn until tomorrow, 11/16/2021, at 9 am. 

The Senate has a floor session scheduled for 10:00 am.  Every indication is that the Assembly will vote to approve SB1 as amended and then will send it to the Senate for a vote on the amendment. 

You can watch the floor sessions from this page:

Speaker Frierson and Governor Sisolak both told Riley Snyder from the Nevada Independent that SB1, as amended, will be the final version and that the Governor will sign it into law.  At that point, there may be lawsuits filed over CD1 and some Assembly and Senate districts in the north.  

More tomorrow,


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