Vote Nevada Community Meeting Recordings 

Vote Nevada Webinar: Meet Congresswoman Mary Peltola 1/30/2023

Vote Nevada 1/12/2023 Meeting: Scott Gavorsky’s Rural’s Nevada Using Census Data to Understand Nevada

Vote Nevada 8/27/2022 Meeting: Why Do We Elect Judges in Nevada?

Vote Nevada 6/4/2022 Meeting: Constitutional Right to Privacy

Vote Nevada 10/23/2021 Meeting: Inclusive Civics Education: Tribal Government & Sovereignty

Vote Nevada 9/18/2021 Meeting: Campaign Managing for Candidates and Ballot Questions

Vote Nevada 9/15/2021 Meeting: Mindful Business and Nonprofit Development

Vote Nevada 8/28/2021 Meeting: Inclusive Economic Development through Entrepreneurship

Vote Nevada 2/27/2021 Meeting: Supporting our Veterans

Vote Nevada 3/6/2021 Meeting: Democracy Reforms 2021