Vote Nevada Redistricting Update 11/16/2021

Vote Nevada Supporters,

Our legislature voted in the Assembly and the Senate to approve SB1 as amended today.  You can see the maps here:




All the Democrats, except Edgar Flores, voted in favor of the maps, while all the Republicans vote no.  The Governor stated that he felt the legislative redistricting committees heard and took public concerns into consideration in the amended maps, so he will sign SB1 as passed.

The Nevada Count coalition released the following statement:



I am assuming there will be at least one lawsuit challenging the congressional redistricting map in federal court under the Voting Rights Act section 2.  And we may see a second lawsuit from Republicans challenging the legislative redistricting maps, but it is less clear what law or constitutional right the second lawsuit would cite under which to claim harm.

I will send another update as soon as there is more information on possible lawsuits.


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