Social Media Training Sessions

Lunch & Learn: Repurposing Content

August 2, 2021

Here is the presentation PDF: Lunch & Learn Repurposing

Here are the links from the presentation:

Podcasting platforms:

Narrate a PowerPoint Presentation

Create a YouTube Channel

If you would like to watch the Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy’s Meeting with the Secretary of State’s Office, you can watch the recording here:

July 26, 2021

Topics: Canva (Graphics Program), Instagram, and TikTok

Zoom Recording:

July 19, 2021

Topics: Facebook & Twitter

Zoom recording:

Zoom meeting PowerPoint Presentation: Lunch & Learn Facebook & Twitter

How to use Twitter PowerPoint Presentation: Twitter Training

How to use Twitter Zoom Presentation:

Facebook provides a Tutorial Guide here:
Twitter provides a Tutorial Guide here:
There are many good How to Videos on YouTube for using both Facebook and Twitter Safely:


Lunch and Learn: Civics and Social Media: Sharing Reliable and Sound Content

July 12, 2021

Zoom recording:

Vote Nevada Contact Links:

First article:

How to evaluation statistics

7/22/2021 Voter communications: Optimizing Your Messaging and Strategies Webinar RSVP:

CSN Library’s Guides to Finding and Evaluating Reliable Sources

Logical Fallacies to Avoid