Vote Nevada Redistricting Update 11/14/2021

Vote Nevada Supporters,

For most of today, we were not sure what was happening. While the NELIS Calendar showed an Assembly Floor meeting scheduled for noon, legislators did not appear until 4 pm.  The Senate brought SB1, the bill containing the legislative and congressional redistricting maps, up for a vote. 

Despite the majority leader stating that there would be an amendment added to SB1 in the Assembly, the majority asked the chamber to approve the bill before sending it to the Assembly.  It was odd that a Senate bill was not amended in the Senate.

In the Assembly, the body voted unanimously to approve AB1, the bill with the Higher Education Board of Regents redistricting maps and the exemption to allow the judicial candidates to file to run in March instead of January.  AB1 then went to the Senate, where the Senate redistricting committee voted to send it to the Senate floor tomorrow for approval.

The Assembly referred SB1 to their redistricting committee, which will have a hearing tomorrow at 10:00 am.  You can see the amended maps here:




The changes amended into these maps are on this press release.


We can view the hearing on this page:

While yesterday’s hearing had strong opposition to the redrawn Congressional District 1, which dilutes the Latino vote, the just-released Congressional map shows no changes.

The Senate will convene a floor session at 10:00 am to vote on AB1 and the Assembly will convene a floor session at 1:00 pm to vote on SB1.  You can view the floor sessions here:

If the Assembly approves SB1 with the amendments, it must return to the Senate for a new vote.

There are sure to be lawsuits filed after the Governor approves the maps. The ACLU NV is already posting about CD1:

Also, for reference, in 2022, not all elections are impacted by these new maps.  All our constitutional statewide offices will be up for election.  This includes the Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Treasurer.  Senator Cortez Masto will also be up for re-election in a statewide race.  All of these candidates will face all voters, including those who feel their votes have been diluted due to the new maps.

You’ll hear more from me tomorrow,



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