About Vote Nevada

Welcome to Vote Nevada!

We are a new and unique civic engagement nonprofit.  Unlike many other organizations, we are stand-alone with no national or parent-office affiliation.  Vote Nevada was founded by Nevadans for Nevada. 

Anyone can become a supporter by simply emailing us at info@vote-nevada.org with a request to join our email list.  We have no member dues and welcome everyone who would like to be more engaged in civic life.  Our priorities are Nevada-specific, and we are happy to help anyone with issue research, advocacy, and implementation. 

Our guiding principle is our process.  We follow this process when arriving at our issue priorities and only ask that those who work with us also abide by this process.

1.  We research each issue independently and through reliable and verifiable evidence.

2.  We review all positions on an issue to ensure we understand both pro and con viewpoints.

3.  Once we arrive at a position, we provide a written explanation and are open to changing our position when presented with sound arguments.

4.  Our positions and position advocacy will be free from logical fallacies, especially personal attacks.

5.  Engagement and advocacy activities can be passionate and may challenge power structures.

As a private nonprofit, we have a small governing board to meet our fiduciary responsibilities and to set the organization’s issue and advocacy priorities. 

We also have an Advisory Board consisting of community members interested in supporting our issues and/or advancing their own issues.  The only requirement for joining the Advisory Board is a commitment to follow the above process and Robert’s Rules of Order.  Advisory Board members may create committees under the supervision of the Advisory Board Chair.

Our 501c3 application has been approved. You can view our IRS Letter of Determination here: Letter of Determination

Our priorities include:

1.  Mental and behavioral health workforce development

2.  Redistricting & redistricting reform

3.  Workforce development to create well-paying careers

4.  Direct democracy and election reforms

If you have questions, please email us info@vote-nevada.org

You can go to our website here: https://vote-nevada.org/