Vote Nevada Update 2/7/2023

Vote Nevada Supporters,

The legislative session started yesterday and is in full swing today.  You can now see how NELIS works:

You can watch yesterday’s floor session recordings here:

All of Vote Nevada’s legislative advocacy resources and training videos are on our blog:

Today the Nevada Independent also published a guide for legislative engagement, which is very good, here:

New civic engagers ask me about my own process for evaluating bills, so I wrote up a worksheet that includes all the questions I ask when I read a bill.  Click the Word link to download the bill analysis tool if you think it might also help you. You can also open the tool as a PDF.

Vote Nevada Bill Analysis Tool 2023

Vote Nevada Bill Analysis Tool 2023 PDF

The UNLV Lady Rebels are playing this Thursday, Feb. 9th, at 5 pm.  You can find tickets and streaming options on the team’s game schedule:

Thanks for being Nevadans with me,


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