Vote Nevada Update 3/10/2022

Vote Nevada Supporters,

You can review the Governor’s Budget Kickoff, which reviews the process used to build the state budget, here:

There were rulings in two court cases yesterday:

District Court Judge James Wilson ruled that the Clark County Education Association could withdraw two ballot questions it qualified to be heard in the 2021 legislative session.  You can read the story that includes this quote here:

One petition would have raised the state’s gaming tax rate from 6.75 percent (the nation’s lowest) to 9.75 percent, while the other would have increased the Local School Support Tax rate from 2.6 percent to 4.1 percent and bring the state’s baseline sales tax rate to 8.35 percent, one of the highest in the country

District Court Judge Robert Estes ruled in the lawsuit against the redistricting maps that he will not grant a temporary injunction to pause candidate filing under the new maps while the lawsuit proceeds.  This means that the new maps will be in effect for the 2022 election cycle. 

This was not a ruling on the merits of the lawsuit, so, it does not stop the lawsuit from proceeding, and it does not rule that the maps are free from gerrymandering.  You can read about the court ruling here:

I have always been very clear about my issues with the current redistricting process.  Our legislature is not bound by Nevada’s Open Meeting Law, so it exempts itself from the protections afforded to the public in that law.  This is why our current maps were drawn behind closed doors and by people that we are not allowed to know. 

Transparency is key to accountability, so, I support the Fair Maps Nevada ballot question to adopt an Independent Redistricting Commission.  This constitutional amendment requires new redistricting maps that comply with all federal and state civil rights laws as well as court rulings and it requires redistricting maps be drawn and reviewed in a manner that facilitates full public participation.

The redistricting commission will not be independent of political influence, that is impossible.  Instead, it is independent of the rules that allows the legislature to exempt itself from the Open Meeting Law.  The maps produce will still be judiciable, so anyone who disagrees with the process or product may sue to address their complaints in court, just as we do now.  

Some say that it is better to allow our elected representatives to draw the maps because we can directly hold them accountable.  But a result of gerrymandering is to make it impossible to vote certain elected representatives out of office.

If you would like to read the amendment it is here:

We are currently gathering signatures for the petition, so, if you would like to help gather signatures or to donate, you can read more here:

Thank you for being Nevadans with me,


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