We Need Transparent Redistricting

You can read the Fair Maps Nevada Ballot Question here: 


Please watch these hearings to see and hear why we must put our redistricting process under Nevada’s Open Meeting Law.  Only one person spoke in favor of our new redistricting maps and we repeatedly heard we cannot know who drew our maps.  We need transparent redistricting to have fair representation.

We must have a process indepedent of our legislature’s power to exempt itself from the Open Meeting Law.



If you agree that we deserve fair representation through transparent map-drawing, please sign up to gather signatures for our Fair Maps ballot question or provide a donation to help defer the cost of signature gathering.

Email info@vote-nevada.org to sign up to gather signatures

You can watch this video to review the signature gathering process: https://youtu.be/PjBoGT-qBm8 

Visit Vote Nevada Square to donate for the Fair Maps ballot question campaign:

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