Vote Nevada Update 10/24/2021

Vote Nevada Supporters,

Yesterday’s Committee to Conduct an Investigation into Matters Relating to Reapportionment and Redistricting in Nevada meeting recording is now available here  The meeting includes a thorough explanation of the redistricting process, including all the constitutional mandates and federal laws that cover redistricting and a brief overview of the MyDistricting Nevada software. 

If you create an account and use the MyDistricting Software, you can use the Validate feature to check existing maps for compliance with all constitutional mandates and federal laws.  Nevadans who log into the software to draw or validate maps will be able to see all redistricting maps and communities of interest map submitted by other Nevadans here

Please consider creating a community of interest map here to help others draw and validate maps: The information is about halfway down the page.

The Princeton Gerrymandering Project is scoring state congressional and legislative maps here  So, even if you do not use the MyDistricting Nevada software, you’ll be able to see how the Project’s Report Card scores our maps as soon as we see them.

All the redistricting maps belong to the people, so it is vitally important to participate as much as you can in this process.

Our Inclusive Civics Education: Tribal Government and Sovereignty event was very informative.  If you are not aware that tribal governments have a “nation to nation” relationship with the U.S. Government, you will definitely want to watch the event’s presentations:

We are definitely planning more indigenous-themed events in the future. There is a lot to share.

Thank you for being Nevadans with me,


If you have not yet reviewed our fundraising projects for 2021-2022, you can read more here:

Altogether, we are fundraising for $10,000 for our 2021-2022 civic engagement projects.  If you are interested in supporting these worthwhile endeavors, please consider donating through our

Facebook fundraising page if you are on Facebook (we pay no fees through Facebook):


Our Square Donation page (we pay a small transaction fee through Square):

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