Vote Nevada Update 6/4/2021

Vote Nevada Supporters,

The Clark County Library District has a whole slew of interesting & educational videos for the whole family on their YouTube channel:

If you are wondering whether one of your bills made it through to the Governor’s desk, you can go to this page and then click on Governor’s Action on Bills.  Be sure to read the bill the Governor signed to ensure the bill still does what you assume it does.  Quite a few bills were amended in the last few days of the legislative session, so your bill may have changed.

We have quite a few events already scheduled via Zoom for our Summer Civics Festival: A Celebration of Direct Democracy!  You can sign-up for as many as you’d like through this page on our blog:

We now have three regular meetings scheduled for June.

On June 12th, 9-11 am, via Zoom, our speaker is Daniel H. Stewart, Nevada attorney and former Governor Sandoval’s General Counsel. We are in for a treat with this presentation.  Mr. Stewart will be speaking about federalism and all the really cool protections and rights we enjoy through our state’s constitution.  You can RSVP for this event here:

NEW! Deputy Administrator of NV Medicaid, Mr. DuAna L. Young, is joining us on June 19th, via Zoom, 9-10:30 am, to update us on changes to NV Medicaid over the past year as well as changes to NV Medicaid on deck for the near future.  You can RSVP for this meeting here:

On June 26th, 9-11 am, via Zoom, we are learning about the Las Vegas Alliance of Black School Educators.  This important organization helped end the desegregation bussing program that only allowed students of color to attend their neighborhood schools one year out of twelve.  We will meet the LVABSE leadership and chat about our project to document LVABSE’s history through both oral history and primary source techniques.  If you’ve ever wanted to be a historian, this is your chance!

You can sign up for an introduction to oral history with the Director of UNLV’s Oral History Research Center, Claytee White, June 23rd, 6-7 pm, via Zoom, here:–gqT4rH9JaC55gQsSBfj68prSunqA0

You can sign up for the Spotlight meeting with the LVABSE leadership team on June 26th (referenced above) here:

You can sign up for instruction on Oral History Best Practices, June 30th, 6-7 pm, via Zoom, with the Director of UNLV’s Oral History Research Center, Claytee White, here:

After the June 30th meeting, we will have opportunities available to start engaging in oral history interviews with LVABSE’s leaders from the past thirty years as well as opportunities to help organize LVABSE’s historical documents.

Thank you for being Nevadans with me!


 Vote Nevada: Solving Problems with Civics

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