Vote Nevada Update 5/22/2021

Vote Nevada Supporters,

Thank you to everyone who attended our Mental and Behavioral Health Intersectional Policy meeting; we had a very lively discussion. We discussed current legislative bills that advance behavioral and mental health policy development as well as data documenting Nevada’s severe shortage of mental and behavioral health professionals. (Please see this Behavioral and Metal Health Policy Development PowerPoint Presentation)

We also discussed the College of Southern Nevada’s Applied Psychology certificate and degree program that articulates with UNLV and UNR’s mental and behavioral health bachelor and master’s degree programs. CSN is expanding its certificate opportunities in Applied Psychology, which allows students to complete 30 credits in one year and then to begin working as a mental health technician. So, in just one year a student can start working in their intended field for more than the minimum wage.

With one more year of college classes, students qualify for an associate’s degree and possibly a promotion and raise. The Applied Psychology pathway goes all the way through to a master’s degree, while still allowing the student to work in their desired field.

We plan to focus over the interim session on putting more Nevadans on this new and exciting mental and behavioral health professional pathway and to do so in ways that minimize student debt.

You can watch the meeting recording here:

Thank you for being Nevadans with me,


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