Please help get SB431 a hearing

Vote Nevada Supporters,

I have a huge favor to ask.  Many in Nevada’s disability community see potential fixes to some big problems that make their lives unnecessarily challenging in Senate Bill 431.  But because this is one of Governor Lombardo’s bills, we are worried that partisanship will keep the bill from receiving a hearing.  

Without a hearing, it is not possible for this constituent group to communicate how their needs can be met through SB431 and it is not possible for this group to put their questions about the bill on the record.  

You can review the full bill here by clicking on Text:

Here is the recording of tonight’s Zoom meeting on SB431, during which we discuss why this bill is so important for the disability community:

The bill is sitting in the Senate Government Affairs Committee, so it is the Chair of that committee, Senator Edgar Flores, who has the power to schedule SB431 for a hearing.  Please help our disability community, which lacks high-powered lobbyists, by respectfully reaching out to Senator Flores and the other committee members to request a hearing for SB431 at these email addresses:

Thank you for helping,

Sondra Cosgrove




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