Vote Nevada Update 4/18/2023

Vote Nevada Supporters,

If you are looking for bills that died due to failing to make it out of their first committee, go to:

The legislature’s website, click on NELIS at the top of the page, click on Legislation above the Daily Schedule, click on Reports and Links, click on Bill Reports, click on Deadlines and Exemptions, click on Bills that Failed to Meet the Deadline, and then select Committee Passage (First House) in the drop-down box. 

I have been working with the Statewide Independent Living Council over the interim and that group is very interested in SB431, which is one of the Governor’s bills.  SB431, in part, would add five secretaries to a new executive cabinet. 

Nevadans with disabilities interface with many different state agencies and offices that often do not work smoothly together due to different missions and regulations, which can create a lot of confusion and frustration. 

These Nevadans are therefore very interested in whether having someone in the Governor’s office who can coordinate state agency services would help to address this problem.

Vote Nevada is therefore hosting a Zoom meeting on April 20, 2023, from 6 to 7 pm, to review SB431 and discuss why members of the disability community see this bill as a possible solution to their frustrations.  If you are interested in attending, RSVP at


The National Constitution Center has new education videos available here:


Thank you for being Nevadans with me,


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