Vote Nevada Update 2/27/2022

Vote Nevada Supporters,

I know there was a lot happening on Saturday, so if you missed our Strategies for Success from Three Civil Rights Leaders, you can view the recording here:

Here are some important events taking place the week of 2/28/2022:

The Interim Legislative Commission meets on 2/28/2022 at 1 pm and will hear presentations from Deputy Secretary of State for Elections Mark Wlaschin on regulations to implement the election bills passed in 2021. 

If the Legislative Commission does not approve the regulations, there will be no official rules for implementing the new election laws.  You can watch here starting at 1 pm here:


The Community College Workforce Training and Program Committee created by Assembly Bill 450, meets on 2/28/2022, at 3 pm, at the College of Southern Nevada Charleston Campus in the Student Union, it will also live-stream. 

The address and live-stream url is at the top of the meeting agenda:

Here is a map of the campus if you’d like to attend in-person:

The main agenda topic is funding workforce training programs, with an emphasis on the Nevada System of Higher Education funding formula.  The funding formula does not currently fund workforce training programs offered through our community colleges. 

I will be in attendance to provide public comments on the additional need for Pell Grant reform.  Currently, students can only apply for a Pell Grant once a year through the FAFSA application, so if a student must enroll after the FAFSA deadline, she/he is unable to receive this type of federal tuition assistance until the next year. We need Pell Grant applications to be accepted each semester.

Furthermore, students pursuing short-term workforce training are not eligible to receive the Pell Grant. 

A bill making its way through the U.S. House of Representatives, will increase the amount of the Pell Grant, provide students more time to use the Pell Grant, which makes more sense for stackable degrees/certifications, and will cover short-term training programs.  

The bill is H.R. 6425, The Aid Act.

My public comments will ask the committee members to please communicate their support for this bill to our congressional delegation.  If you would like to also ask for support for H.R. 6425, or anything else related to workforce training funding, you can email your comments to the Committee at by 9 pm tonight, 9/27/2022.

The Lunch and Learn Series on Women and the Labor Movement starts tomorrow at noon, via Zoom, you can still RSVP for any of the four sessions here:

The Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents meets on 3/3 & 3/4.  If you would like to submit written comments on the dire need for workforce development for mental and behavioral health professions, you can submit your comments here:

If you would like to watch the Board of Regents meeting, it will live-stream through the NSHE homepage both days:  You can view the full agenda here:

If you would like to attend the Regents meeting in-person, the meeting is at the Nevada State College Campus.  The meeting schedule and NSC’s address here:

NEW: If you are an early learning advocate and/or professional, there is a virtual conference for early learning this week from March 2nd through March 5th. You can read more about the conference and how to attend here:

And the Village Foundation is hosting a virtual gala in support of early learning on March 5th, you can read more about attending here:


Thank you for being Nevadans with me,


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Vote Nevada is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit civic engagement organization.  Anyone can become a supporter by emailing, we have no membership dues.  We do, however, accept donations Here

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