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Here is the Clark County Election Department’s April 2022 Newsletter that covers all the election changes: Clark County Election Department April Newsletter

Vote Nevada held a community meeting to review our new election laws and procedures.  You can watch the recording here: https://vote-nevada.news/Primary-Election-2022-Updates

Here is the meeting’s presentation in PDF format: Nevada Primary Election 2022

Here is the meeting chat file: https://vote-nevada.news/Primary-Election-Update-Chat

Here are the meeting links:

You can find out which state elected officials represent you, and who may be up for election, through this webpage.  Just type in your address in the box on the right-hand side of the page: https://vote-nevada.news/Who-Represents-Me 

You can register to vote and review and update your registration, including updating your party affiliation, here: https://registertovote.nv.gov/ 

You can opt out of a mail-in ballot by April 15th here: https://www.nvsos.gov/votersearch/  

Every active registered voter will receive a paper Sample Ballot. If you would like to help save trees and money, you can request an electronic Sample Ballot through your county registrar or clerk’s office. You can view the list of clerks and registrars here: https://www.nvsos.gov/sos/elections/voters/county-clerk-contactinformation

The Clark County Election Department website is quite informative https://www.clarkcountynv.gov/government/departments/elections/index.php

It includes a detailed explanation of election law changes here: https://vote-nevada.news/What-is-New 

Here is a timeline of important primary election deadlines, you can view the full list here: https://www.clarkcountynv.gov/government/departments/elections/important_dates/index.php 

Here is important deadlines: 

April 15th: Opt-out of receiving a mail-in ballot

May 17th: Deadline for standard voter registration 

May 18th-31st: Online only extended standard registration and registration updates

May 25th: Deadline for sending out mail-in ballots

May 28th-June 10th: Early Voting (14 days) In-person registration and registration updates at the early voting site. 

May 31st: Last day to opt back in to receive a mail-in ballot (if you opted out previously)

June 1st to 14th: Online same-day voter registration and voter registration updates

June 14th: Election Day & mail-in ballots must be postmarked to be counted

June 18th: Last day election departments will accept mail-in ballots postmarked by election day (June 14th)

June 20th: Last day to cure (complete a mail-in ballot’s signature) a mail-in ballot 

June 24th: Counties must accept final election results

The Nevada Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy met on March 22, 2022, and heard a detailed presentation from Deputy Secretary of State for Elections, Mr. Mark Wlaschin.  Mr. Wlaschin’s presentation focused on the implementation of the election laws passed in the 2021 legislative session.

You can watch the meeting recording here: https://fb.watch/bWmAGcNHop/

You can watch the August 2, 2021, ACPD meeting referenced in the presentation here: https://fb.watch/bWssdYX9Hc/ 

Here is Mark’s PowerPoint Presentation: ACPD update Mar 22, 2022

This is a one-page summary of what we need to know now, to prepare for the upcoming primary.

This is the PDF version: Primary Election Updates 2022