Vote Nevada 2/26/2021 Update

Vote Nevada Supporters,

I hope you are all doing well and are staying abreast of vaccination news.  The latest news as well as information on transportation to and from vaccination sites in Clark County is on the Regional Transportation System website:

If you are outside of Clark County and needs transportation to a vaccination site, please respond and I will help you connect with a ride.

We are still in the slow part of the legislative session, but I am happy to report we do now have some bills of substance on mental health, veteran services, and justice reform.   

You can see the bills Vote Nevada is currently tracking here:

If you are interested in providing feedback on any of these bills, our advocacy training recordings are here:

There is still time to RSVP for tomorrow’s meeting on supporting our veteran community.  We are discussing a new community court currently being implemented in North Las Vegas as well as the grant process that funds these types of programs.  Our existing grant procurement process is haphazard at best and is allowing grants that could be helping our veteran community to slip away.  You can RSVP here:

We have quite a few election-related bills submitted this session, so we are hosting a meeting on March 6th, via Zoom, 9-11 am, to review these bills and other possible changes in our election processes.  You can RSVP here:

March is Women’s History Month, so if you’d like to RSVP for the College of Southern Nevada’s Status of Women Conference: Workforce Development is a Women’s Issue, Monday, March 8th, via Teams, 6-8 pm, you can do so here:

Our Vote Nevada March meeting on March 27th, via Zoom, 9-11 am, is also focused on access to good jobs.  We will discuss how to make workforce development programs inclusive of all Nevadans, which includes women, communities of color, our differently-abled neighbors, and anyone facing barriers to accessing good-paying jobs.  You can RSVP here:


Brain treat: The Clark County Library offers free ebooks here:

Thanks for being a Nevadan with me,



Mission Statement:

Vote Nevada is an advocacy engine coupled with a grassroots think tank.  While we offer familiar civics education and engagement activities, we also provide a creative edge for developing solutions for persistent civic issues.

Vote Nevada is a 501c3 nonprofit civic engagement organization.  Anyone can become a supporter by emailing, we have no membership dues.  We do, however, accept donations Here




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