Update: National Popular Vote Compact Meeting

At our April 21st League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada community meeting, Saul Anuzis joined us to present on the National Popular Vote Compact.  http://coasttocoaststrategies.com/index.php/saul-anuzis/

The meeting was lively and attendees raised good questions about the initiative.  

In sum, the National Popular Vote Compact aims to use the states’ power to manage elections to ensure that the national popular vote winner and the Electoral College winner align. 

This is not a constitutional amendment process.  The League of Women Voters opposes Article V constitutional conventions unless safeguards can be put in place to ensure a convention called for one amendment cannot be used to advance other amendments. 

Instead, the National Popular Vote Compact uses the constitutional allocation of election power to the states to modify the Electoral College process. There are some questions over possible legal challenges to the Compact, but currently there are no pending court cases.  

There was a National Popular Vote Compact bill during our 2017 legislative session and it is possible the bill may come back in 2019; so, the League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada would like Nevadans to be able to research the Compact and to ask questions before the legislative session begins.

The National Popular Vote Compact coalition’s website has both written and video explanations of the idea as well as answers to common questions.  Saul also said I can reach out to him if we need more clarification.  The website is: https://www.nationalpopularvote.com/