Improving Sexual Assault Investigations in Nevada

At our February community meeting we discussed the current program to process our backlog of untested rape kits.  We heard that the funds allocated for this program are tied to a grant and so will not continue beyond the grant’s end date. 

We also heard that no extra funds were allocated to hire more detectives to investigate alleged perpetrators identified through the rape kit tests. 

Here is the presentation with all the details and statistics:

Sex Assault Kit Update 032018

On April 17th we will continue discussing how to ensure that we do not slide back into another backlog of untested rape kits and that we have funds allocated in the future to hire more sexual assault detectives.  

There will be an in-depth discssion of how voting in the midterms can address these issues.  All of the offices that fund and manage sexual assault mitigation are up for election in November 2018. 

This meeting is free and open to the public.