Welcome to Vote Nevada!

Vote Nevada is a private nonprofit focused on nonpartisan civics education and engagement as well as good governance and healthy community advocacy.  

Vote Nevada is not affiliated with any other organization, it is, therefore, completely self-contained in Nevada. The organization will have a governing board to manage fiduciary responsibilities as well as a more expansive advisory board with associated committees.

Leadership opportunities are available on the advisory board and committees.

Vote Nevada will be a 501c3, once we complete IRS process, and abides by all IRS rules and regulations.  We will not endorse any political party or candidate(s), but we will engage in nonpartisan advocacy coalitions and analysis to identify and address sources of problems and opportunities for reform.

Engagement with the organization includes supporters and volunteers, but not members; so, we have no membership dues.  We, therefore, have no monetary barriers to participation. Anyone who joins our email list will be considered a supporter and anyone who joins a committee will be a volunteer.

Board members will be appointed per the Bylaws.

Vote Nevada Bylaws 2020

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