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Secretary of State Cegavske Issues Statement on Complaints of Voter Fraud

Post Date: 11/09/2020 5:14 PM

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Contact: Jennifer A. Russell
(775) 684-5793

The Secretary of State’s office, in conjunction with members of the Election Integrity Task Force, continues to investigate all creditable allegations of fraud related to the 2020 general election.  The Secretary of State has a sworn duty to ensure all election laws, both federal and state, are enforced. When someone is found to have violated any of these laws, they will be referred to the appropriate agency for prosecution.

It is difficult for the Secretary of State’s office to quantify how many voter fraud investigations are ongoing or how many voter fraud complaints have been received.  There are three reasons for this.

  1. The term voter fraud is extremely broad and potentially includes illegal activities beyond what the public normally thinks about when referring to voter fraud. Absent a standard, universally recognized definition of voter fraud, it is difficult for the Secretary of State’s office to release a number that doesn’t run the risk of being misinterpreted.

  2. A single complaint or single investigation may include multiple allegations of fraud or multiple suspects. A focus simply on the number of complaints received or active investigations runs the risk of masking the true scope of a complaint or investigation.

  3. Many voter fraud complaints lack any evidence and are more complaints about process or policy. Including these complaints in the number of voter fraud complaints runs the risk of overstating the prevalence of creditable voter fraud complaints.

While election officials rely on the public to report potential illegal conduct related to an election, election officials are also currently going through statutorily required post-election processes, including vote count reconciliation and audits of the voting system components.  Through these post-election processes, instances of actual or attempted fraud may come to light.  If so, these instances will be thoroughly investigated.

Secretary of State Press Release: How Ballot Status Works

“If you voted by mail in the 2020 general election and you login to the Secretary of State’s Registered Voter Services website or the BallotTrax website and you see your ballot status as mail ballot received instead of counted, this is not a cause for concern. Although most mail ballots in Nevada have already been tabulated, election results are unofficial until certification. This means the ballot counted status code may not be applied to your record until after certification. Certification must take place no later than November 16, and the data transfer from the county to the Secretary of State occurs the day following certification. As long as your mail ballot has been received by the county and the county has not notified you that you need a signature cure, there is no cause for concern.” Read more…

Clark County NV Ballots That Need to be Fixed

Please refer to this spreadsheet from the Clark County Election Department’s website to determine if you need to add or fix your signature on your mail-in ballot:

If your name is on this list, please contact the Election Department right away:

Phone: (702) 455-VOTE (8683)

You only have through November 12th to fix your ballot.

Secretary of State Press Release: Addressing Post Election Questions

Secretary Cegavske Issues FAQ To Address Post-Election Questions

Post Date:11/04/2020 4:38 PM

Secretary of State Banner

Contact: Jennifer A. Russell
(775) 684-5793

(Carson City, NV; November 4, 2020) – Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske has released the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers to address post-election process questions about the 2020 General Election.

Why is it taking Nevada so long to count ballots?

The counting of ballots in Nevada is proceeding at the expected pace.  The timeline for counting ballots in Nevada comes from the legislatively approved process, and this process dictates that all properly received ballots will continue to be counted for up to nine days after the election.

Why did Nevada election officials stop counting ballots at the end of election night?

We did not stop counting ballots.  The counting of ballots is ongoing and will continue until every cast ballot is counted.

What ballots have been counted so far?

All in-person early votes, all in-person Election Day votes, and most of the mail ballots received before Election Day have been counted.  Unofficial election results are available here:

What ballots remain to be counted?

The remaining ballots that have not been counted include mail ballots received on or after Election Day and ballots cast by voters who registered to vote at the polling place (known as same-day voter registration).

How many ballots remain to be counted?

This number is unknown at this time.  Many counties received a large volume of mail ballots on Election Day, either dropped off at a ballot drop-off location or delivered via USPS, and the ballots are being sorted and processed today.  An update on ballots remaining to be counted will be provided when the information becomes available.

Why can’t the Secretary of State determine how many mail ballots are outstanding?

A mail ballot was automatically sent to all active registered voters in Nevada.  Also, state law allows ballots postmarked by Election Day to be received and counted after Election Day.  This combination means every registered voter who has not yet voted is a potential outstanding ballot.

When will the unofficial election results be updated?

Unofficial election results will be updated daily around 9:00 am starting on November 5.  One-off updates may occur from time-to-time.

Why won’t unofficial election results be updated more frequently than once a day?

The processing and counting of mail ballots is labor intensive, and additional reporting requirements would reduce the efficiency of the county election boards.

What is the last day a mail ballot can be received in the mail?

Mail ballots postmarked on or before Election Day (November 3) and received no later than 5:00 pm on November 10 will be counted.  This means election officials will not know the final number of mail ballots cast until 5:00 pm on November 10.

What is the deadline for voters to cure their signature?

Voters who require a signature cure have until 5 p.m. on November 12 to provide the required signature confirmation.  Voters who successfully cure their signature by the deadline will have their ballot counted.

What is the deadline by which all mail ballots must be counted?

All mail ballots must be counted on or before November 12.  This deadline ensures that other processes, such as the signature cure process and the receipt of mail ballots postmarked by Election Day, can be completed and that all validly cast ballots will be counted.

When will election results become official?

Election results become official upon the canvass of the vote by the county election official.  The canvass of the vote must occur on or before November 16.  Until the canvass of the voter occurs, reported election results are unofficial. 

Why haven’t ballots cast by voters who registered to vote at the polling place (known as same-day voter registration) been counted?

In 2019, the Nevada Legislature authorized individuals to register to vote at a polling place, either during early voting or on Election Day, and then cast a ballot at the same time.  Because the county voter registration systems do not communicate with each other in real time, an individual who registers to vote at a polling place cannot be verified in real time as not having already voted in the election.  For this reason, state law allows for ballots cast be same-day registrants to be provisional ballots.  These provisional ballots are only counted after it is verified post-election that the voter has not voted more than once in the election.


LWVN Election 2020 Update: What’s next?

Voters can drop-off mail-in ballots on Monday, Nov. 2nd, 2020, at their county’s election department.  You can find your county’s election department here:

We’ve added information about the Ballottax process for notifying voters of their mail-in ballot’s status to the Election Update page:

Election Results timeline:

The county clerks and registrars will report the number of verified votes cast and counted by the end of voting on Election Day. The end of voting will be when all counties have reported that all voters standing in line at all polling location have voted.

These results are only preliminary.

According to the law our legislature passed in August to manage this election’s processes, AB4, the county election departments will have 9 days after Election Day to reach out to voters who need to fix their mail-in ballots and to count all mail-in ballots mailed or dropped of by Election Day.

As votes are verified and counted each day after Election Day the county election departments may update their new preliminary vote totals. The final election results must be announced by November 16th, per AB4.

Upcoming LWVN Events: Week of October 26, 2020

We have one more week of early voting; the last day is October 30th. Election Day is November 3rd. You can find each county’s vote center locations in your Sample Ballot. We have all your candidate and ballot question research covered on our blog:

Our last Judicial Candidates Open House is 10/30, via Zoom, 6-7:30 pm. We are ending where we started with a discussion of whether election is the best way to put judges on the bench. You can join us by RSVP’ing here:

Our last Education Candidates Open House is 10/31, via Zoom, 6-7:30 pm. We are ending with a discussion of what skills every student needs to be successful. You can join us by RSVP’ing here:

LWVN Upcoming Election Events

Join the League of Women Voters of Nevada for our election events the week of October 19th and visit our blog if you are doing research to fill out your ballot.

Friday, October 23rd, via Zoom, 6-7:30 pm: Judicial Candidates Open House

We’ll meet the candidates and then chat about the endorsement process. Is it an appropriate process for determining who we place on the bench? RSVP:

Saturday, October 24th, via Zoom, 6-7:30 pm: Education Candidates Open House

We’ll meet the candidates and then chat about strategies to create and sustain partnerships between our business and education communities. RSVP:

Upcoming LWVN Election Events: Week of October 12, 2020.

League Supporters,

Here are events League supporters may find helpful for the week of October 12th:

The League of Women Voters of Northern Nevada is hosting candidate and ballot question forums all this week.  You can review the schedule of events and information on watching at

I will be moderating the forum with Mark Amodei and Patricia Ackerman on Friday, October 16th, so we will not have a Judicial Candidates Open House this week.  We’ll be back on schedule on October 23rd.

October 17th is the kick off of in-person early voting.  You can see all the early voting sites in your Sample Ballot or at  All in-person voting sites are also mail-in ballot drop off sites.

If you plan to vote through your mail-in ballot, you can see the completion instructions in the Sample Ballot or you can view video instructions for completing your ballot at

If you need help researching the candidates and ballot questions, our LWVN blog is bursting at the seams with important candidate and ballot question information:

On the 17th, at 2 pm, LWVN is hosting a candidate forum for the higher education Regent races, during which we will discuss higher education governance and Ballot Question One.  You can RSVP at

And at 6 pm, via Zoom, on October 17th, we are continuing our Education Candidates Open Houses.  This week you can meet the candidates and join in a discussion of ways to boost parental engagement in the education system.  You can RSVP at

If you have any questions about these events or the election, please reach out,


Upcoming LWVN Election Events: RSVP to Join us!

League of Women Voters of Nevada is offering opportunities to meet candidates & hear about ballot questions at upcoming events.  RSVP today to get ready to vote.

Tonight, 10/9: Judicial Candidates Open House, via Zoom, 6-7:30, meet the candidates and join a discussion of how we fund our courts.  There is a difference between funding the courts & funding a justice system.  RSVP:

Tomorrow, 10/10: Education Candidates Open House, via Zoom, 6-7:30, meet the candidates and join in a discussion of issues such as equity, mental health, accountability, and distance learning.  RSVP:

Saturday, 10/17: Meet the Regent Candidates and join in a discussion of higher education governance & Ballot Question One.  RSVP:


Election 2020 Update: Week of October 5, 2020

League Supporters,

This week’s update is a mid-week, but it is just as important!  First, the date mail-in ballots will go out to Clark County voters is now October 10th

If you plan to vote with your mail-in ballot, I recommend signing up for the free ballot track program offered through the Secretary of State’s Office. Sign up to either receive an email or text message when your ballot is mailed to you, when it arrives back in the election department, and when your ballot is counted.  You can sign up here:

If you have not received your Sample Ballot yet, please log into this webpage and then click on the Sample Ballot tab. You can download your PDF Sample Ballot and start researching your candidates today.

The League of Women Voters of Nevada has all the information you need to research the candidates compiled on our blog: 

We have a video voter guide, recordings of conversations with the education candidates, recordings of open houses with the judicial and education candidates, and a guide to voter guides and organization endorsements.

This Friday, via Zoom, 6-7:30 pm, join us for our weekly Judicial Candidates Open House to meet the candidates and engage in a discussion about how we fund our courts and support our judges. RSVP here:

On Saturday we will meet with the education candidates, via Zoom, 6-7:30 pm, to wrap-up our three-session Open House series.  We are covering a wide range of topics, from education equity to assessment and accountability. RSVP here:

Lastly, this election we need every voter to reach out to family and friends to help them make a plan to vote early and safely.  Each one of us can be a change-maker by ensuring every eligible voter can cast a ballot and have that ballot count.