Vote Nevada Update 5/7/2023

Vote Nevada Supporters,

We have now entered the point in the legislative session where I can’t remember which week it is, so, let’s start counting down until Sine Die (the day of adjournment, the end), which is June 5th.  The remaining deadlines are:

May 8th: Resolve budget differences between the two houses.

May 19th: Second house committee passage.

May 26th: Second house floor passage.

May 31st: Budget bills & exempt bills committee passage.

Now that we know there is more money in the budget, we will see some unfunded bills moving out of the money committees, Assembly Ways and Means, or Senate Finance.  If you have bills sitting in one of these committees, watch for bill tracking updates.

As bills move to the Governor’s office for a signature, we can track that progress and outcomes on this Reports page:

You can review the Governor’s options once a bill arrives on his desk here:

After the session ends, Vote Nevada is kicking off our Summer of Civics program on June 10th, from 9 to 10:30 am, via Zoom, with a review of which bills passed, which bills died, and which bills did not receive a hearing.  You can RSVP for that meeting here:

Stay tuned for a lot more Summer of Civics topics!


Tomorrow, May 8th, Carson City Democratic Men’s Committee luncheon guest is Annette Magnus from Battle Born Progress. You can read more here:

The luncheon starts at 1:00 pm in-person and the Zoom presentation starts at 1:30 pm.  You can receive the Zoom link by emailing Rich Dunn at richdunn as one word and then

I received some great suggestions for our first Eastside Neighborhood Chat meeting on June 20, from 10:30 to 11:30 am, at the Art Café on 719 N. Nellis Blvd.  We will be chatting about leadership opportunities & creating an Eastside Influencers group that can spread the word about Eastside issues and the civic processes for addressing those issues. And to top it all off, Vote Nevada will buy you a smoothie or other beverage to enjoy.

Eastside Community Voice

On the legislative front, we have an extra $251 million to spend ( so, let’s come together to focus on long-standing problems, especially the ones the pandemic amplified.  These problems range from our deficient mental health system to state-worker pay, and from our outdated social service systems to our aging, and in some cases nonexistent, digital infrastructure.

Lastly, regarding the possible public financing of the A’s baseball stadium, that can only happen if a bill passes through the legislature and is signed by the Governor.  The question is whether we will see that funding bill during the regular legislative session or if it will be debated in a special session.  Either the governor or 2/3rd of all legislators may call the legislature into special session, but the topics discussed must be clearly defined, narrow, and limited. You can read more about special sessions here:


Vote Nevada: Solving Problems with Civics

Vote Nevada is now qualified to receive donations through Facebook fundraisers.

Vote Nevada is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit civic engagement organization.  Anyone can become a supporter by emailing, we have no membership dues.  We do, however, accept donations Here

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