Vote Nevada Partners

Hello Vote Nevada Supporters, 

Many voters have expressed serious concerns over the very negative and incessant nature of this election cycle’s campaign messaging.  So, Vote Nevada is partnering with community members who are interested in civics education and engagement that promotes good governance and sound mental health as we move into the legislative advocacy period. 
I met Christian Solomon at the Boulder City Democrat’s Zoom meeting and we immediately connected over our shared focus on civics and sound mental health.  I am very happy that we can work with him and learn from his enthusiasm and Gen Z worldview.
Here is Christian’s message to our group.  I will be posting more of these introductions as we finalize more partnerships.

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Christian Solomon (He/Him/His) and I am so glad to be here! Thank you for having me. I was recently hired as the Party Affairs Coordinator for the Clark County Democratic Party! My career background includes public and private sector experience in project management, community outreach, administration and logistics. I am originally from the beautiful State of Hawaii, but lovingly call the 9th Island of Las Vegas home.

As Party Affairs Coordinator, my primary functions include developing the Clark County Dems’ core infrastructure and building relationships with local leaders to successfully mobilize our fellow Nevadans to implement grassroots organizing efforts as well as boosting participation in county and state-wide issue advocacy and election campaigns.

Sondra Cosgrove spoke at the general meeting of the Boulder City Dems and brought awareness to the amazing work that Vote Nevada does on a recurring basis. She and I immediately connected over concerns for young voters who underwent immense exhaustion and mental duress during the 2022 election cycle. 

We were also discussing how civics can be a perfect medium to reach young voters where they are at and turn them out to be active participants in the political process. A healthy and vibrant democracy works best when individuals are free to bring their passion, commitment, and vision to the table, uninterrupted by the muddiness of negative attack ads and vitriolic noise.    

I am looking forward to connecting with this great organization and its members on these issues. I will be present, as best as I can, at the various workshops you folks conduct. I am extremely excited for what’s coming ahead and would love to hear your concerns and obtain feedback on how we can effectively help each other going forward. 

Thank you so much for your time and please feel free to reach out if you need anything! My contact information:
Email: csolomon@clarkdems

Phone: (808) 389-6270 

3 thoughts on “Vote Nevada Partners

  1. Oma L. Rose

    This sounds like a great beginning to an important endeavour. Young citizens are the Hope of Tomorrow and our Future (their future!). I can support your efforts through social media and contributions.

  2. Jane Grossman

    Love this, I’m in! And… I think I already said congrats re Q 3 and all the Questions, but if not, congrats!! Jaen



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