Vote Nevada Update 2/4/2022

Vote Nevada Supporters,

Yesterday the Interim Legislative Subcommittee to Advise on the Expenditure of Federal COVID-19 Relief Funding heard reports from our K-12 school district superintendents about how each is spending federal ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Relief) funding.  

In addition to introducing an appreciated layer of transparency and accountability to the process of allocating federal funds, the presentations clearly showed that our school districts have prioritized wrap-around support services for students, teachers, staff, and parents.

These efforts align with the recently released Nevada Advisory Committee to the US Commission on Civil Rights recommendations from the Impact of Remote Learning on Education Equity report.  

Recommendations include ensuring every family has access to high-quality internet services, supplemental tutoring, and to behavioral and mental health professionals, and that teachers and staff have professional development and personal support assistance.

But our school districts are funding these vitally important wrap-around services with the one-shot federal funding, so what will happen when this money is gone?  The superintendents asked the legislative committee to please help them with a sustainability plan.

We can help!  Please join us for our Unity Coalition meeting on February 12th, 10 am to noon, via Zoom, to create an action plan.  You can RSVP here:

If you would like to review materials before we meet, here are the relevant resources:

Impact of Remote Learning on Education Equity report:

The Nevada Department of Education follow-up presentation on addressing the above report’s recommendations.  This includes the dollar amount needed to fully fund the behavioral and mental health care needs in K-12 education.  You can view this presentation PDF here: 

You can view the recording of the Nevada Advisory Committee’s follow-up meeting here: The password is: 4MbAShhP

You can review the reports from all our school district superintendents and the recording of the interim committee meeting (click on the picture of the movie camera on the page) here:

 Getting the funding needed to provide every student, every family, every support staff member, and every teacher the services needed for children and families to thrive will be a heavy lift, so we will all need to work together to succeed.  But I know we can!

Thank you for being Nevadans with me,


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