Vote Nevada Update 1/15/2022

Vote Nevada supporters,

If you haven’t heard of Native American hip hop artist Supaman and have a moment or two to listen to his new album, it is well worth the time:

We had a good discussion today about the 2022 ballot questions.  You can view our Ballot Question meeting here:

As of right now, we have two constitutional amendments and one statutory ballot petition that need signatures to qualify.  The constitutional amendments will go on the 2022 ballot if they qualify and then will need to pass a second time in 2024. 

The statutory ballot petition will go into the 2023 legislative session as a bill if it qualifies.  If the legislature does not approve the ballot petition within the first 40 days, the Secretary of State will put it on the 2024 ballot for voters to consider.

The first constitutional amendment will create an open primary, with the top five candidates in the partisan races advancing to the general election.  In the general election, voters will have the ability to rank up to five candidates in those races.  The winner must have 50 percent plus 1 to win.  This is a brief explanation of the process:

The second constitutional amendment is the Independent Redistricting Commission, which will remove the redistricting process from our legislature in 2031.  This will put redistricting under our open meeting law and will allow the public to participate in the entire process. Today’s meeting included an explanation of the Fair Maps process:

The statutory ballot petition changes state law to allow municipalities to exit from their county school districts and to create a separate municipal school district.  This petition was just recently posted; you can read it through the link below. We will have a separate meeting on this petition as soon as I can secure a speaker.

We will also have three ballot questions on the 2022 ballot that are already qualified through the legislative process.  One is an Equal Rights Amendment for our state constitution.

One will increase the minimum wage in our state constitution: 

And one will change Henderson City Council elections from at-large to ward-voting.  Only voters in Henderson will vote on this initiative:

All the information reviewed during today’s meeting is now on the Vote Nevada Blog, here:

Here is each ballot petition:

Here is a detailed explanation of the signature-gathering process:

If you are interested in gathering signatures for Final Five or Fair Maps, you can contact Cesar Marquez at:

Upcoming meetings:

On January 18th, 6 to 7 pm, via Zoom, our Vote Nevada Behavioral and Mental Health Committee is hosting Captain Timothy Hatchett who is the new commander at the Bolden Area substation in the Historic Westside.

Captain Hatchett has extensive experience with programs that keep community members suffering from mental health issues out of the criminal justice system.  This meeting is open to anyone, so you can join us by RSVPing here:

Our Vote Nevada regular meeting, on January 22nd, from 9 to 10:30 am, via Zoom, will focus on issue advocacy strategies for this legislative interim session as well as the process for building the Governor’s budget, which also happens during the spring.  You can RSVP here:

On January 28th, 3 to 5 pm, via Webex, you can attend the Nevada Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights follow-up meeting on recommendations from the Impact of Remote Learning on Education Equity report. You can RSVP here: and you can view the report here:

Thank you for being Nevadans with me,


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