Vote Nevada Update 10/31/2021

Vote Nevada Supporters,

Happy Nevada Day!

The National Constitution Center recently hosted a very interesting debate titled The Crisis of Two Constitutions: The Founders’ vs. The Peoples’.  Two constitutional scholars look at the historic trends that culminated in flurries of constitutional amendments and whether we are entering another such era.  You can watch here:

Redistricting News

CCSD released two new redistricting maps, which can be found here:

There is a special Trustees’ meeting on November 4th at 5:00 pm with opportunities for public comments on the two new maps.  You can view the agenda here:

You can participate in-person at 2832 E. Flamingo Road, LV NV 89121 or you can watch online through the CCSD Facebook page:

If you were not able to watch any of the legislative interim committee meetings on redistricting, you can view the meeting recordings here:  All three meetings have the same presentations, but each recording has different individuals who provide public comments.  We do not know when the legislative special session to draw our maps will be in November.

Some Exciting News!

We can now share that Vote Nevada received a Nevada Humanities grant to create a Zoom podcast series on redistricting and communities of interest!  We spent the last year meeting with members of our richly diverse communities and discovered a tapestry of history and culture.  Not wanting to lose all these important stories, we applied for and received a grant to record and archive communities of intertest reflections.

To put these stories online as quickly as possible, to get ready for the special legislative session, we have developed a process that will allow as many communities of interest members to participate as wish to volunteer. 

A community of interest is any group of people who live near each other and share a language heritage, cultural background, religious affiliation, or ethnic, racial, or other types of identities.  You can also belong to a community of interest if you live where people who work in similar occupations reside or engage in some other important activity, such as attending a nearby higher education institution.  You can read more about communities of interest here:

If you would like to participate, please complete this form:

We will send you the questions we would like you to answer in your recorded comments, so you will be able to write out your answers before we do the recording.  We will be using Zoom to record each community member, but you will be able to use your phone to participate as well.  Each recording will be no longer than 15 minutes and will be viewable on the Vote Nevada YouTube channel.

Vote Nevada November Meetings

On November 6th, 3-4:00 pm, via Zoom, we are offering a Youth Workshop: You Should Run! This workshop is specifically designed for students, K12 or college, who would like to know more about the different offices we elect in Nevada and the types of things elected officials do each day. We will also review what is required to run for office in Nevada.   You can RSVP here:

On November 20th, 9-10:30 am, via Zoom, join us to learn more about the Nevada State Casa Program, these are Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children.  Lorrie Currieden from the Nevada CASA program will be our guest speaker. You can learn more about CASA here and you can RSVP here:

If you have missed any of our meetings, you can watch the recordings on our blog:

Thank you for being Nevadans with me,


Vote Nevada: Solving Problems with Civics

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Vote Nevada is now qualified to receive donations through Facebook fundraisers.

Vote Nevada is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit civic engagement organization.  Anyone can become a supporter by emailing, we have no membership dues.  We do, however, accept donations Here

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