Vote Nevada Update: 9/12/2021

Vote Nevada Supporter,

PBS Frontline has some new documentaries about the 9/11 tragedy and what happened after that devastating day:

 We have two meetings this week you can still RSVP to attend:

We now have a follow-up meeting scheduled with Nevada Grow Counselor Michelle Chan and her partner who is a mental health professional.  RSVP for Nevada Grow: A Mindful Approach to Small Business and Nonprofit Development, September 15th, 6:30 to 8 pm, via Zoom:

Our next meeting on nonpartisans running for office is on September 18th, 9-10:30 am, via Zoom.  We will discuss the various roles associated with a campaign, such as a campaign manager, communications manager, and outreach volunteers.  Included is a discussion on running statutory ballot questions.  A statutory ballot question puts a bill into the next legislative session as a priority. 

If the legislature does not act on the bill it goes on the ballot in the next election for voters to decide its fate. This keeps legislative leadership from being able to kill a bill outright.  You can RSVP here:

On redistricting, we are still waiting for a special session to be announced for Nevadans to offer input and feedback on our redistricting maps.  In the meantime, other states are well on their way to approving new maps.  Dave’s Redistricting App website includes information about Nevada’s current redistricting maps and legal process:

The Department of Justice has released guidance and warned state legislatures to not engage in gerrymandering practices.  The Department of Justice’s assertion of power to challenge a state’s redistricting process derives from the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Section Two, which requires fair representation for communities of interest.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will offer expert witnesses to uncover gerrymandering if maps are litigated in court. 

At the state level, the voter bill of rights we amended into our state constitution in 2020 includes that voters are expected:

9.  To have equal access to the elections system without discrimination, including, without limitation, discrimination on the basis of race, age, disability, military service, employment or overseas residence.

The without limitation clause may possibly allow for a legal challenge against partisan gerrymandered districts in state court based on the argument that they would deny equal access to the election system for voters of one party or for nonpartisans.

If you have not yet reviewed our fundraising projects for 2021-2022, you can read more here:

Altogether, we are fundraising for $10,000 for our 2021-2022 civic engagement projects.  If you are interested in supporting these worthwhile endeavors, please consider donating through our

Facebook fundraising page if you are on Facebook (we pay no fees through Facebook):


Our Square Donation page (we pay a small transaction fee through Square):

Thank you for being Nevadans with me!


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