Vote Nevada Update 9/3/2021

Vote Nevada Supporters,

There has been a lot of important news over the last few days, so I wanted to send some information that you may have missed. 

First, as we head into the Labor Day weekend, here is a brief history of the holiday:

On the Supreme Court’s refusal to enjoin the Texas abortion law, in Nevada, we put our abortion law up for a referendum ballot question vote in 1990.  According to Nevada law, if the people approve a law through a referendum vote, the law cannot be amended or repealed without a new vote of the people.  You can read more here:

This is a good example of why our constitutional right to run and vote on ballot questions must be respected and protected.

You can also listen to an interview with Neil Katyal, former Acting Solicitor General, about the legal options available moving forward here:

You can read a legal explanation of the Supreme Court’s actions here:

If you are looking for a local nonprofit that helps women to travel, Silver State Hope Fund is one working in our community:

On redistricting:

The Census Bureau announced this week it would release the user-friendly formatted census 2020 data by September 16th instead of September 30th:

According to the Princeton Gerrymandering Project, the Princeton Team has trained a mapping corps to assign one mapping expert per state. The team has also conferred with the Justice Department to assist in developing testing code:

MIT is still working on preparing expert witnesses for legal challenges against gerrymandered maps:

The Justice Department issued a guidance statement to affirm its commitment to vigorously intervene in the redistricting process if a state’s maps violate the Voting Rights Act Section 2.  This memo includes links to a legal standards documents and, at the bottom, information for filing a complaint about illegal voter suppression or illegal redistricting practices.

Here is the memo:

Here is the guidance on redistricting:

Here is the information on filing a complaint:

Members of the public are encouraged to send any complaints or comments regarding possible violations of the federal voting rights laws to the Voting Section. This can include complaints or comments about methods of election or districting plans that may violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. Complaints and comments about discriminatory voting practices may be reported to the Voting Section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division at 1-800-253-3931.

Still no word on our redistricting special session in Nevada.

I am going to send a separate message on projects that have developed out of our Summer Civics Festival sessions!

Thank you for being Nevadans with me,


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