Vote Nevada Update: 4/30/2021

Vote Nevada Supporters,

I attended a Vegas Chamber of Commerce webinar about why Nevada ranks so low in federal grant procurement.  One glaring piece of information shared was that when an agency funded through the state receives a grant the amount of the grant is then subtracted from the agency’s state budget allocation. 

For instance, if the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services is awarded a $2 million grant, the Governor’s office will not see that funding as supplementing the DHHS budget.  Instead, the Governor’s budget team would subtract $2 million of state funding from the DHHS budget in the next biennium.

While this allows the Governor’s office to move that $2 million into a different budget, this does nothing to enhance DHHS’s services.  In plain language, when a state agency is awarded a grant that grant’s funding supplants state dollars, it does not supplement state dollars.  It is no wonder Nevada ranks so low in procuring federal grants; who would put forth that much time and effort to write a grant if their agency’s budget will stay the same?  This is a disincentive for applying for grants and really needs to stop.

You can watch the Vegas Chamber of Commerce webinar on grant procurement here:

Also, I am now chairing the Integrated Workforce Development Subcommittee of the Statewide Independent Living Council.  This group is sponsoring another team category for the Summer Civics Festival: Improving Community Benefits Agreements.

If you are unfamiliar with Community Benefits Agreements, these are the agreements businesses sign with state and local governments when receiving incentives, such as a tax abatement, for locating in Nevada.  Part of a Community Benefits Agreement might state that the business agrees to hire 75 percent of their employees from Nevada.  We would like Community Benefits Agreements to include hiring language that creates inclusive workforce development, such as hiring Nevadans that are abled in different ways.

If you are interested in this team, I have added it to our Summer Civics form:

Lastly, two Nevada high school teams, Reno and Incline Village, placed in the top 12 at the national finals for the We the People competition.  Reno HS placed 3rd and Incline Village HS placed 8th.  You can watch the awards ceremony here:

The We the People program, along with History Day and Ask an Expert, are funded through legislation.  If you are so inclined to lend your support to continued funding, please go to this page and indicate you are in favor of AB447:

Thank you for being Nevadans with me and happy weekend,


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