Vote Nevada 3/27/2021 Inclusive Workforce Meeting Update

Vote Nevada Supporters,

This morning’s discussion about Inclusive Workforce & Business/Nonprofit development was fabulous!  Thanks to everyone who attended.  We can do a lot to move our state toward not just a diversified economy, but also an inclusive economy.

Lisa Mayo-DeRiso spoke to us about her experience with economic development and community benefit planning, which ensures all stakeholders are at the table. Lisa is working with companies that see the value in community benefit planning, so she sees potential to re-imagine how we approach connecting every Nevadan to good jobs, small business opportunities, and nonprofit pathways.

We also heard from Robert Strawder, entrepreneurial community member who is navigating the nonprofit world of networking and grants.  His work reaches kids who are interested in the business side of hip hop.  And we chatted a bit about Evelyn Pacheco and her nonprofit Women in Trades along with her frustration with grant processes that often exclude newcomers.

Here is the meeting recording:

Some current legislative bills address these issues and could create a more inclusive economy. 

AB184: Empowers the Lt. Governor’s Office to help Nevadans start small businesses.

Bill Draft Request 800 from Assemblywoman Monroe-Moreno will move the state’s grants office into the Executive Branch for greater assistance and oversight.  When this appears in a bill format, we need to ensure that state level grants are more inclusive of newer and smaller nonprofits.

AB 207: Requires web-based commerce to be ADA complaint

SB 61 (this Session): Regulates vending machines operated by the blind.

After you watch the recording, if you have any questions or input on who should be at the table, please let me know.

Thanks for being Nevadans with me!


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