Vote Nevada Update 2/10/2021

Vote Nevada Supporters,

I hope everyone is doing well and you have taken an opportunity to have a little fun to keep your brain happy and healthy. A new adventure I have discovered is virtual museum tours.  These Smithsonian tours are very good:

We are now mid-way through the legislature’s second week, so I wanted to share an observation about grants.  On February 5th the Department of Veteran Services presented to the Assembly Government Affairs Committee and the issue of not applying for available federal grants came up:

And on February 9th the Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination and Management presented to the Assembly Government Affairs Committee and the issue of Nevada being ranked 50th in bringing federal grant dollars to the state also came up:

For those of you who worked on legislative issues during the last economic downturn, you will remember that we had this exact same discussion ten years ago.  Apparently, we failed to fix this problem.  So, not only do we need to look for solutions to address our 50th ranking in grant procurement, but we also must ensure that this problem stays fixed.

Our February 27th community meeting is focused on this exact issue.  Our panel of speakers will address how we can ensure Nevada is applying for grants that enhance veteran services.  Too many of our veterans need services that could be available but are not, so it is imperative to address this problem.

Our panel is:

Veteran and Assemblywoman Claire Thomas

Veteran and Senator Pat Spearman

Reno Specialty Veteran Court and Private Attorney Henry Sotelo

You can RSVP for the meeting here:

If you are ready to engage with the legislature, our advocacy training videos are here:

Thank you for being Nevadans with me!


Vote Nevada is a 501c3 civics education and engagement organization. Anyone can become a Vote Nevada Supporter by emailing, there are no membership dues.  We do welcome donations here: Donate

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