Effective Legislative Communication Workshop Follow-up

I uploaded the meeting recording and the text file with the chat box transcript to the Vote Nevada blog along with the meeting presentation.

You can access them all here: https://vote-nevada-blog.org/recorded-meeting-resources/

If you are interested in future meetings and training session, please email info@vote-nevada.org and ask to be added to our Google Group.  Based on this meeting, it looks like there is interest in a How to Use Social Media for Advocacy Work workshop and a Do We Need Annual Legislative Sessions? forum.

I will also be sending more information about the Vote Nevada Advisory Board soon.  Our advisory board members will each manage a committee working group to address an important issue.  Currently one of our supporters is putting together a youth group to work on issues such as homelessness and supporter Evelyn Pacheco, CEO of Women in Trades, is putting together a group to look at statistics on women in the workforce to ensure women have access to good paying jobs in Nevada.

If anyone else is interested in creating a committee working group, please let me know.


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