League Supporters,

Today the LWVUS removed recognition from LWVNV, so our state organization no longer exists.  The letter informing our LWVNV Board of this action provided no information on the status of local leagues.  We, therefore, have no information about what this action means for LWVSN or LWVNN.  This continues the communication problems we have had with the LWVUS Board since this summer.

Our LWVNV Board will meet today to discuss our next steps.  Many of our board members will be leaving League to start a new nonprofit called Vote Nevada.  This new organization will be Nevada-specific and will only be accountable to Nevadans. 

If you would like to continue with your membership in League, the LWVUS Board sent you a separate email inviting you to discuss the future of League in Nevada.   Please attend that meeting.

If you would like to become a Vote Nevada supporter, please email sondra.cosgrove@gmail.com to let us know that we can add your email to our new list.