LWVN Election 2020 Update: What’s next?

Voters can drop-off mail-in ballots on Monday, Nov. 2nd, 2020, at their county’s election department.  You can find your county’s election department here:


We’ve added information about the Ballottax process for notifying voters of their mail-in ballot’s status to the Election Update page: https://lwvnvblog.org/updates-2020-general-election/

Election Results timeline:

The county clerks and registrars will report the number of verified votes cast and counted by the end of voting on Election Day. The end of voting will be when all counties have reported that all voters standing in line at all polling location have voted.

These results are only preliminary.

According to the law our legislature passed in August to manage this election’s processes, AB4, the county election departments will have 9 days after Election Day to reach out to voters who need to fix their mail-in ballots and to count all mail-in ballots mailed or dropped of by Election Day.

As votes are verified and counted each day after Election Day the county election departments may update their new preliminary vote totals. The final election results must be announced by November 16th, per AB4.

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