Important DMV Press Release

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September 23, 2020
Nevada Driver’s License/ID Card Renewals Now Available Online
Thousands are eligible for a new online service delivered ahead of schedule
CARSON CITY – Most Nevadans with driver’s licenses or identifications cards that expired during the COVID-19 pandemic are now eligible to renew online at the Nevada DMV’s website, “As many as 75,000 Nevadans can use this service right now,” said DMV Director Julie Butler.  “Enabling drivers to skip the trip to the DMV not only helps them, it will help the DMV serve those who need car registrations or other services much more quickly.”Butler emphasized that drivers who renew online should cancel their office visit after they renew.  “It’s crucial to cancel your appointment.

It will make these new services a win-win for everyone,” she said. Most drivers age 16 to 70, and ID card holders of all ages, can take advantage of the new services if their expiration date is March 12, 2020, or later.  Nevadans who qualify can renew online even if they have received a postcard stating that an in-person renewal is required.  Renewed cards will be mailed using the customer’s existing photograph.   Nevadans who received a four-year card at their last renewal will receive an eight-year card if they are under 65 at the time of renewal. Fees are $42.25 for a driver’s license and $22.25 for an ID card.  Late fees are being waived through January 31, 2021.   

Cards that are not eligible include Instruction Permits, Commercial Driver’s Licenses, Driver Authorization Cards and any license or ID with a term of less than four years. Drivers with more than three moving violations since their last renewal also will not qualify. See the DMV website for a full list of qualifications. For drivers 65 and older, a one-year license extension remains in effect to give these Nevadans more time to schedule a DMV office visit.  An extension for all licenses and ID cards remains in effect through November 12. The new services, originally scheduled for mid-October, were placed online ahead of schedule on Monday, September 21. 691 renewals were completed the first day.
The programming was completed by the DMV’s in-house IT staff with no special appropriations or outside contract required. Online license/ID renewals are a permanent addition to DMV online services.  As many as 100,000 Nevadans will be eligible in 2021 and each year thereafter, providing lasting reductions in the number of required DMV office visits throughout the state.  
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Driver’s License Renewal Information
ID Card Renewals
Extension Letter for all Licenses/ID Cards through November 12
Extension Letter for Senior Drivers 65 and Older

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