Fair Maps Nevada Announcement

Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and meritless, lengthy litigation challenges, the Fair Maps Nevada team was unable to gather sufficient in-person signatures to qualify our redistricting reform amendment to end partisan gerrymandering in Nevada. But we are very happy to announce that State Senator Ben Kieckhefer has graciously offered to facilitate a transparent dialogue on redistricting reform by sponsoring our amendment in the 2021 legislative session.

We continue to interpret the increasing number of Nevada voters registering as non-partisan, which now stands at nearly one-third of voters in our state, as well as the many voters from both parties who signed and pledged to sign our redistricting reform petition as evidence that Nevadans reject the intransigent politics distorted election maps create.

Consequently, today we are not abandoning the battle to stop gerrymandering, which we still argue is a growing systemic threat to democracy.  Instead, we are embarking on a plan to continue engaging the public in robust discussions about redistricting reform and we are officially launching our advocacy efforts to pass our legislative resolution in 2021.

If that effort encounters insurmountable opposition from self-interested legislators, we will refile our ballot initiative in October of 2021.

Anyone interested in our efforts to create and maintain fair election maps, which allows voters to pick their elected officials instead of politicians picking their voters, can join with us through a sign-up form on the Fair Maps Nevada Facebook page. Nevertheless, we will persist.