New: Free Redistricting Services

A new redistricting institute at the The Grainger College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is now offering free services to redistricting commissions.  The Institute for Computational Redistricting is using computational technology to make the redistricting process more transparent and accountable to voters.

The Institute’s mission aligns with the Fair Maps Nevada transparent redistricting reform amendment. 

“ICOR’s mission is to provide transparent approaches for redistricting grounded in computational methods, which serves the needs and values of the people. Their vision is for governments and legislative bodies to adopt transparent redistricting processes that empower all voters to express their choices for the elected officials who will represent them. As such, to have the greatest impact, ICOR offers its services, at no cost, to any state agency or commission seeking assistance with their redistricting process.

“When legislators pick their voters, rather than voters electing their legislature, we are a weaker nation.” Jacobson noted. “Creating a computational environment for transparent redistricting is a huge leap forward in combating gerrymandering and empowering voters within our democratic system.”