Follow-up: Behavioral Health Care & Gerrymandering 

League Supporters:

This message provides follow-up information from our meeting on school psychologists and from our meeting on gerrymandering.

Below is President of the Nevada Association of School Psychologists Katie Dockweiler’s PowerPoint Presentation on the 18 CCSD school psychologist vacancies and the need for social/emotional training programs in our schools.

Please use the information in Katie’s presentation to help candidates running for the Nevada Legislature understand the vital need to provide our children with behavioral health care interventions early in life.


Here is the LWVSN Behavioral Health Care Committee’s Position Statement on Early Interventions in Behavioral Health Care:

LWVSN Behavioral Health Care Position Statement

For the gerrymandering meeting, please listen to the Five Thirty Eight Gerrymandering Project podcasts. These podcasts and associated reports provide a historical overview of gerrymandering as well as analysis of current court cases and attempts to address redistricting problems in individual states.

Importantly, the project reminds us that increasing voter turnout in primaries and mid-term elections will go a long way to stop gerrymandering.