Nevada Dept. of Transportation: One Nevada Plan

The Nevada Department of Transportation is currently updating it’s Long Range Transportation Plan and so needs our feedback.  Please make your voice heard by completing NDOT’s public survey:

The One NV Transportation Plan is an update to Nevada’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). State Departments of Transportation are required by the federal government to prepare LRTPs to ensure the continued movement of people and goods over a 20 year horizon.
The One NV Transportation Plan seeks to not only meet these federal requirements but to better align Nevada’s various transportation plans and processes and create a framework to make more informed transportation decisions.

The plan process includes the development of specific goals and objectives. In general, the One NV Transportation Plan aims to:

  • Identify, track and report transportation performance measures to decision makers and the public
  • Make more informed and transparent project decisions across NDOT’s entire program
  • Improve project prioritization and project certainty
  • Create a lasting collaborative process to ensure the plan continuously moves Nevada towards achieving statewide goals while also adapting to new developments