LWV Council & LWVN Convention 

League Supporters:

We have lots of exciting news!

In June, I attended the League of Women Voters Council 2017 with Northern Nevada League Co-President Jean Laird in Washington D.C. 

During Council, we discussed how important it is for LWV to transform itself into the 21st century’s premier grassroots Voting and Civil Rights organization.  We left determined, as we approach our 100-year anniversary, to boldly chart a course for the next hundred years that makes us stronger and more relevant.

Everything you know and love about League of Women Voters will stay intact, but how we achieve our goals will now have more breadth and depth.  I have included a summary presentation from Council at the end of this message and you can view a short video introduction to this metamorphosis here: https://youtu.be/iWXf90WieHs

We are already undergoing some exciting changes in Nevada.   As of July 1st, the League of Women Voters of Las Vegas Valley became the League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada.  And on July 15th, the League of Women Voters of Nevada held its state convention in Tonopah, NV, to elect a new board.  The new LWV NV board is:

President: Sondra Cosgrove

Vice President Beverly Abderrahman

Treasurer: Ann Smith

Secretary: Kathleen Bienenstein

Directors: Denise Gerdes, Mary Liveratti, Jean Laird, Donald Rust, Nancy Scott, and Vicki Lambert.

I will continue as the LWV Southern Nevada President during my term as LWV NV President. 

I have been working closely with our Northern Nevada League Board members for the past year and we believe the LWV NV board provides us an opportunity to meld the two halves of the state into a cohesive whole. 

There is no reason for League to perpetuate the north v. south acrimony that seems to seep into just about every other part of Nevada politics.

Coming out of the LWV NV Convention we have many great ideas for increasing our membership.  One area of discussion is how to not only build our membership in the more urban counties, but also out in our rural cities and towns.  Every member makes us stronger and every Nevadan should be one of our members.

In this light, please consider speaking to your family and friends about joining either the LWV of Northern Nevada if you live in the north http://lwvnn.org/joinorpayannualdues.html or, if you live in southern Nevada, joining the LWV SN http://lwvsn.org/membership.html .

Lastly, the LWV SN is holding our annual planning meeting on August 5th, 10am to 1pm.  The meeting is open to all members state-wide, so if you’d like to attend, please RSVP at info@lwvsn.org .  Once the agenda is set, you’ll receive a follow-up email.  If you cannot attend in person, we’ll have a teleconference option.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at Sondra.cosgrove@lwvsn.org,

LWV 2017 Council Summary




Sondra Cosgrove

President League of Women Voters of Nevada

President League of Women Voters of Southern Nevada