League of Women Voters of Nevada Endorses SB211: Presidential Preference Primaries

The League of Women Voters of Nevada endorses SB211, which will enable the political parties to hold presidential preference primaries instead of caucuses in February of general election years.  This bill allows the parties to voluntarily select a presidential preference primary by notifying the Secretary of State’s Office.

If selected, presidential preference primaries will be paid for by reducing early voting in the June primaries by 3 days and reserving that money for a presidential primary.  Average voter turnout for the June primaries is traditionally low and can be well-served by 11 days of early voting, which includes a weekend to allow for Souls to the Polls.

We feel it is better to reduce early voting days for the June primary to allow for a presidential preference primary, with 3 days of early voting and absentee voting, than to support a caucus system that offers neither.  Anyone who cannot participate in a caucus on the specified date are currently denied access to the process.