Updated Ballot Question Resources

To ensure every Nevadan can cast an informed vote on this year’s ballot questions, the League of Women Voters of Las Vegas Valley has gathered these resources:

Read more about the League of Women Voters LVV: http://lwvlasvegasvalley.org/

The Secretary of State’s Office provides arguments for and against each ballot question. These arguments will appear in the Sample Ballot booklet as well.


The Clark County Election Department has information about the county question, Question 5, on fuel indexing.


The Guinn Center created fact sheets for each ballot question:


You can watch a debate on Question One from the Mob Museum:


You can watch two recorded Vegas PBS debates, moderated by Mitch Fox, on Q’s 1 & 2:


Reminder: Question 3 is now about deregulating NV Energy.  The question on the PUC ruling on solar net metering has been removed.  You can read more about what happened and how to engage on the solar issue:

You can read more about the PUC’s ruling that will grandfather-in current solar panel owners here:


You can stay in the loop about our solar economy at http://bringbacksolar.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/bringbacksolar/