LWVLVV Ballot Question Resources

At the September 17th League of Women Voters of Las Vegas Valley community meeting we hosted ballot question sponsors for questions 1 and 2.  We also had a representative from Bring Back Solar to provide an update on the PUC’s decision to grandfather-in existing solar panel owners. 

Below are links to more information on all the ballot questions and the latest on the PUC decision.  We will have 4 state-wide questions, 1 county question, and folks in Boulder City will have an additional city question.

To view the language of each ballot question as well as the pro and con arguments, please visit the Clark County Election Department website.


To view a non-partisan analysis of the ballot questions, please visit the Guinn Center’s website.



You can read more about the PUC’s ruling that will grandfather-in current solar panel owners here:


Stay in the loop about our solar economy at http://bringbacksolar.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/bringbacksolar/


Please join us on October 15th  at 9am for a discussion of judicial selection and differing methods of electing judges. 

Our Candidate Meet and Greet is scheduled for October 20th at 6pm and early voting starts just two days later on October 22nd.