Conservation Lands Foundation

Conservation Lands Foundation is launching a huge grassroots

effort to Protect Basin and Range and we want you to be a part of it!

Protect Basin and Range Kickoff Meeting – RSVP Here!

Hosted by American Institute of Architects

January 22nd, 5:30pm

Fifth Street School Side Gallery

401 South 4th Street

In nearby Lincoln County, we have identified a unique opportunity to protect 800,000 acres in the Garden and Coal Valleys as a new National Monument. The Garden and Coal Valleys of Nevada are distinguished by their remoteness and pristine condition.

As part of America’s “Great Basin,” these valleys are some of the region’s best examples of basins framed by the Worthington Mountains, Golden Gate Range, and Mt. Irish that are incredible recreational opportunities. The area provides critical wildlife habitat for pronghorn and elk, the Greater Sage-grouse, Pygmy rabbits, and the White River Catseye plant—a species that is at risk and found only in Nevada!

The list goes on for reasons to protect this area. Set within this amazing landscape is also a monumental work of art, City. The artist Michael Heizer chose the site for its remote location, severe beauty, profound silence and its naturally available materials.

That’s why we’re building support to get President Obama to designate the Garden Valley-Great Basin National Monument this spring. The Obama Administration will be holding a public meeting here in the coming months to decide whether to designate this area as a National Monument, so we need to act now to build up the local support to protect Garden Valley-Grand Basin for future generations.

Join us for the Protect Basin and Range Campaign Kickoff Meeting on January 22nd at 5:30pm to learn more about the Garden Valley-Great Basin with a briefing from Conservation Lands Foundation’s David Bobzien, and hear about opportunities to be involved!

RSVP HERE to let us know you can make it, and bring a friend!