Redistricting Resources

If you are interested in engaging in the redistricting process in 2021, you can watch these presentations on redistricting:

This Zoom recording covers redistricting, gerrymandering, and an overview of the redistricting software:

This is our legislature’s website for redistricting history and resources:

This is the redistricting software we will use to draw the district maps in October:

This is Oregon’s redistricting resources website. Oregon is using the same redistricting software as Nevada, so until Nevada has our state-specific version of the redistricting software ready, you view the PDF Guide and can watch the short how-to videos on this page to see how the software works.

This is a more detailed video demonstration of the redistricting software:

If you are interested in drawing communities of interest maps, you can review an overview of gerrymandering, communities of interest, and the Representable program here:

You can view a PDF of the Representable Webinar here:

If you are ready to draw a community of interest map for the Vote Nevada account, please log into Representable with this link:

Here are additional resources on redistricting. If you would like to contribute additional resources, please email them to:!2018-ushouse   

H.R.1 Independent Redistricting Commission