NEW! 2020 Ballot Questions Analysis

There are 5 questions on this election’s ballot. You can read the pro and con arguments from the Secretary of State’s Office bellow.

Here is a recorded session with a Regent and a Regent candidate on Ballot Question One:

Here is the chat box file from the session above:

Here is a recorded debate from the Review Gazette Journal on Ballot Question One

Here is a short video recorded explanation of the ballot questions:

We recorded our Ballot Question Forum on 9/19/2020.

Click here to view the recording of the Ballot Question Forum.

Click here to view the chat box messages

You can watch the legislative hearings on ballot question one, aka AJR5, which are very informative below:

2017 Legislative Operations and Elections Committee Hearings

2019 Legislative Operations and Elections Committee Hearings

The Clark County Election Department provides written and audio versions of the ballot questions along with the arguments for and against each question.

The Secretary of State’s Office provides each ballot question’s language and arguments for and against here:

Ballot Questions

Question No. 1: Board of Regents

Question No. 2: Same-Sex Marriage

Question No. 3: Pardons Board

Question No. 4: Voter Rights

Question No. 6: Renewable Energy Promotion Initiative

*There is no Question No. 5 on the 2020 ballot