Make A Plan to Vote 

My Voting Plan Washoe County

In this election, due to the pandemic, Nevada voters have more than one option for casting a ballot, so it is important for us each to create a voting plan.

You can see all the voter registration and voting dates here:

To ensure voters stay safe, we can choose to either vote from home through a mail-in ballot or vote in-person at a vote center, following all CDC protocols for COVID-19.

In the August special legislative session, Assembly Bill 4 passed to address our emergency pandemic conditions. Under AB4:

  1. Every active registered voter will receive a Sample Ballot and a Mail-In Ballot.
  2. Every active registered voter may vote in-person or through the mail-in ballot.

How do you ensure you are an active registered voter?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Update an Existing Registration.
  3. If you are registered to vote, you will see your address, contact information, party affiliation, and signature.
  4. If you are not registered to vote, you will receive instructions for registering.
  5. If anything in your registration needs to be update, update that information through the edit feature.
  6. At the end of your registration account, click on Update Your Registration.
  7. This makes your registration active.

If you plan to vote through your mail-in ballot, please sign-up to track your mail-in ballot here:

When your Sample Ballot arrives, it will include the candidates on your ballot, information on the five ballot questions, and the list of in-person voting sites.

All in-person vote centers are also secure mail-in ballot drop off sites.

Here is where you need to make a decision.

If you decide to vote at home, you will be voting through your mail-in ballot.

If you decide to vote in-person, you will vote on a voting machine at a vote center after early voting starts on Oct. 17th.

Once you select your voting method, you will research your candidates and ballot questions.  The League of Women Voters of Nevada provides information about candidates and the ballot questions on our blog.  This includes a page with compiled voter guides and candidate endorsements from various organizations.  Please visit

If you plan to vote from home, please watch this short, but very informative video from Clark County Registrar of Voters, Joe Gloria, to see the voting process:

The mail-in ballot is two-pages, both sides, so please take your time and bubble-in the oval next to each selection in blue or black ink.  Please do not use felt-tipped pens. Be sure the oval is completely colored in to ensure your vote is clear.

When you have voted for all your selections, fold your ballot, place the security sleeve around the ballot, and then place the ballot in the return, postage-paid, envelope. 

You must sign the back of the mail-in ballot envelope for your ballot to be counted.  DO NOT sign on the ballot the itself.

Your return envelope is postage-paid, so no stamp is required.  You can place your return envelope in any mail-box or you can take your mail-in ballot sealed in its envelope to any in-person voting site or to the Election Department Office. 

If you deliver your mail-in ballot in its envelope to a vote center or to the Election Department, you will place the envelope in a secure drop box.

You will receive updates through the ballot tracking program as your ballot is received and counted. (Sign-up here for the free tracking program: )

If you decide to vote in-person, early voting starts on October 17th and goes through October 30th.  You can find the early voting locations each day in your Sample Ballot.

You can take your marked Sample Ballot with you into the vote center.

Now that you have voted, either through your mail-in ballot or in-person, wear your I Voted sticker with pride!

We do not know how the COVID -19 virus will behave day-to-day, so please try to vote as early as you can.

If you have any questions about the election processes, please view our page of reliable election resources here:

If you cannot find an answer to your questions on the above page, please text or call 702-803-1569