Election 2022

You can find all the deadlines for the upcoming general election here: https://www.clarkcountynv.gov/government/departments/elections/index.php

Make Your Vote Count PDF

You can track your ballot here: https://nevada.ballottrax.net/voter/

Here are the two most common reasons why a mail-in ballot was not counted in the 2022 primary: “Voter did not sign”,””,””,”No Phone number on file”,””,”No Email on file” “Signature Does Not Match”,””,””,”No Phone number on file”,””,”No Email on file”    


If you plan to vote from home, please watch this short, but very informative video from Clark County Registrar of Voters, Joe Gloria, to see the voting process:  

Please take your time and bubble in the oval next to each selection in blue or black ink.  Please do not use felt-tipped pens. Be sure the oval is completely colored in to ensure your vote is clear.

When you have voted for all your selections, fold your ballot, place the security sleeve around the ballot, and then place the ballot in the return, postage-paid, envelope. 

You must sign the back of the mail-in ballot envelope for your ballot to be counted.  DO NOT sign on the ballot itself.

Your return envelope is postage-paid, so no stamp is required.  You can place your return envelope in any mailbox or you can take your mail-in ballot sealed in its envelope to any in-person voting site or to the Election Department Office. 

If you deliver your mail-in ballot in its envelope to a vote center or to the Election Department, you will place the envelope in a secure drop box.