2022 Video Voter Guide 

Vote Nevada is offering a Video Voter Guide for the 2022 Election Cycle.  It will only take you a few minutes to record and send to us, but it will go a long way to help voters get to know you and why you decided to run for office.  Here is the invitation to participate:

Dear candidate,

As the Executive Director of the civics-focused nonprofit Vote Nevada, I would like to extend a warm congratulations to you for filing for office! Nevada is a unique and vibrant state and we hold dear our tradition of public service.  To help voters get to know you and learn about why you decided to run for office, we are offering a free video voter guide.

We offered a video voter guide for judicial candidates in the 2020 election cycle and it was a huge hit, so we’ve decided to offer the service again, but this time for all candidates.

Other organizations will have endorsement questionaries, forums, and debates for you to lay out your platform and positions, so, we would like to instead help voters get to know you and why you decided to run for office.

All candidate videos will be uploaded to our Vote Nevada Youtube channel: https://vote-nevada.news/Vote-Nevada-Youtube

Please use your cell phone to record an approximately 5-minute video to answer these three brief prompts:

  1. Please tell us about you and why you decided to run for office.
  2. Please describe the elected office you are running to hold. (What does that officeholder do?)
  3. Nevadans like independent thinkers, so please describe your decision-making process for taking positions.

When your approximately 5-minute video is complete, please upload it directly to this Drive Folder:


Once your approximately 5-minute video is uploaded to the Drive Folder, please email: info@vote-nevada.org

Your email message to us should include your name and your intended office.


Thank you for being Nevadans with me!

Sondra Cosgrove


Vote Nevada is a 501c3 nonprofit

Our mission is: Solving problems with civics

If you would like to know more about us, please visit our website at https://vote-nevada.org/

Or to see our work, please visit our blog: https://vote-nevada-blog.org/